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All Self-Perform Team Members:

It’s time to replace your old shirts and sweatshirt with new attire!

You are eligible to order five T-shirts and one sweatshirt through the company store.

 Click on the link to the company store:    
Welcome to Wohlsen Construction - Online Store (


  1. Click on safety.

  2. Click on the items you would like to order.

  3. Make sure to choose the correct logo (Wohlsen or LV Concrete).

  4. Fill in the following promo code (fieldsafety2024)

  5. Submit your order ( you will not owe any payments for your order)

 All orders need to be placed between May 13th to  May 27th . After May 27th, the orders will be processed and shipped to Heidi, and sorted out to your managers to distribute.

If you have any questions or need help either call me or stop in the office.

Heidi Brady – 717-205-4632 or

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