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Foley CAT Lehigh Valley

The Foley CAT project consists of a 45,000

square-foot sales and service building and 6,500 square-foot wash building.

LV’s work included: 

  • Footing excavation/backfill/stone base

  • Elevator Pit Base Slab

  • Wall/Column Footings

  • Slab-on-metal-deck 

  • Slab-on-grade 

  • Mechanical Housekeeping Pads

  • Metal Pan Stairs

  • Scissor Lift Pits

  • Dock Leveler Pits

  • Concrete paving 

  • Sidewalks


This project had a total of 3,500 cubic yards of concrete. LV had zero safety incidents on this high-paced project. 

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