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Our Team


Dave Porter 
Sr. Project Manager


Dave leads the team on a day-to-day basis to meet the project goals. With 13+ years of construction industry experience, he is cognizant of current market pricing and trends. He plans, organizes, and manages resources to bring the successful completion of the construction projects. 


Creed Arment
General Superintendent


Creed utilizes his 30-plus years of concrete experience to manage manpower, subcontractors, and project schedule all while maintaining safe and productive job sites. His background consists of heavy foundations, commercial flatwork, structural concrete, walls and sitework.


Michelle Washinger
Project Manager

Michelle provides critical support to ensure that the construction projects run on time, within budget, and complies with safety standards. She ensures subcontractor schedules are in sync, completes change orders, documents RFI’s, and aids in the management and coordination of all field staff, subs, vendors, and activities.


Brandon Bender


Brandon has 25 years of commercial concrete experience building foundations, commercial flatwork, industrial, wastewater treatment, water treatment, water town foundations, cell tower foundations, and structural slabs. He coordinates with the project manager and other contractors

as needed to maintain the project schedule and proper workflow while ensuring a safe and productive site.  


Steve Stoltz


Steve has 20 years of commercial general construction experience and has spent the last 15 years in concrete construction. He uses his skills to schedule appropriate manpower, manage project schedules with the PMs and help maintain safe jobsites. Steve’s concrete background consists of heavy foundations, walls, pile caps, grade beams,

cast-in-place columns, and structural concrete.


Art Thompson Jr. 
Lead Estimator

Art utilizes his 28 years

as a concrete construction professional to provide

up-to-date concrete pricing

and VE analysis for each level

of estimate. 


Ryan Devonshire
Sr. Estimator

Ryan utilizes his 15 years of industry experience to provide professional and up-to-date concrete estimates and budgets to meet the needs of our clients.


Ryan Kipp

Project Engineer

(717) 475-5322

Ryan brings over 15 years of construction experience in masonry, concrete, electrical work and home automation

to support the team with submittals, RFIs, organizing drawings, and material deliveries. 

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